John 14:18 (HIS children)

I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.

-John 14:18

I was talking in church several years ago to a woman who had spent some time in children’s ministry.  Through the years she had ministered to many hurting children.  An issue that always seems to affect and burden children are when their fathers are absent in their lives.  By all means, I believe that many single women do a wonderful and fantastic job of raising children.  My grandmother raised my mother, and several siblings, after the death of my grandfather.  However, there is something special about the relationship with a father.

In my experience, children long for their fathers.  They want to have a decent, healthy relationship and to at least know they are loved.  The former children’s minister seemed to always have the right words to say to children who mourned their absent fathers.  She said to them, “You may not have an Earthly father by your side, but your Heavenly Father will never leave you and loves you more than anything.”

When I read the verse above, of course, my mind goes to adoption.  Children who were once fatherless are given the joy of having Earthly fathers through adoption.  I also believe that this Scripture verse is a promise to all of us.  We will not be left as orphans.  He has promised His love for all of us.  The Lord loves every human being on Earth.  We are HIS children, and He will not abandon us!

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2 thoughts on “John 14:18 (HIS children)

  1. transformedbythejourney

    I have 2 adult daughters with absent fathers who simply choose not to be in their lives. It is a hole reaching deeply into their lives as wives and mothers.Yet, I have a son-in-law who had a “christian” father who was very present in his life but left a bigger hole in his son’s life with his harsh criticism, constant and still “silent” voice of disapproval, setting an impossible standard of perfection. I have seen first hand evidence that having a male present who fails to represent God properly is equally as destructive as one who is simply uninterested in their parental gift. God is a perfect Father to the fatherless but it requires the child (of any age) to believe it and receive that revelation before the healing to come. It is absolutely a gaping hole in our society, that’s for sure.


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