What Adoption Means: Thoughts from a Birth Mother

In recognition of National Adoption Month here in the United States, I’ve asked other people whose lives have been touched by adoption to share thoughts with the theme of “What Adoption Means to Me”.

What Adoption Means to Me

-Thoughts from a Birth Mother

“Adoption means despite the poor choices I made, there was a solution. Adoption means I was able to give my precious baby girl to a couple who was praying to God for a miracle.

Adoption means my precious baby girl could have a wonderful, loving childhood without being deprived of necessities. Adoption means I was able to grow up and finish my education without the challenges of being an unmarried teenage mother.

Adoption means I cherish my own children even more, now that I am married and better prepared to be a mother.

Adoption means I now have a new friend, whom I gave life to. She is amazing. I love her kind heart and compassion. She has a beautiful family, loving parents and siblings and I’m thoroughly enjoying getting to know her.

I am so thankful for her parents, who raised her in such a way that she has no bitter feelings, no anger toward me and were supportive of her finding me when the time was right.

For that precious baby girl, adoption has made her who she is today and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Adoption means an opportunity for God to turn the unexpected into something beautiful.

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