When Good Things Happen to Bad People

Why does it seem that bad things always happen to good people?  I have often wondered this; even though, I believe the Lord holds all of us His hands, and that suffering is part of the walk here on Earth.

I have been thinking lately of “good” people versus “bad” people.  I can say that I probably have fit, or still fit, in both of these categories at various times in my life. As a believer in Christ, I know that I am not good enough for His redemption.  It is by grace and supreme forgiveness that I am saved.

Being in the field of social work, I hear the awful things that people do to children and see first hand what the years of poor choices have often lead to, but, I also get the “back story” to these people’s lives.  I learn that many of them were abused as children, grew up in extreme poverty, and had absent fathers & mothers.  Many have addictions that plague them starting in their early adolescence and on through adulthood.

I had a client tell me one time, “You’ve treated me better than my own family ever treated me.”  She was 20-years-old, addicted to meth, homeless, uneducated, and just lost her baby to the foster care system.  I was certainly not her friend.  I was the case manager for her and her infant son, and ended up being the one who recommended termination of her parental rights.  However, I was kind to her.  I tried to put myself in her shoes.  It is tragically sad that I treated her better than her family.

I have often thought, “By the grace of God go I”.  Basically, I didn’t grow up in these type of situations and give praise for the Lord’s grace in my life that I’m not living this way now.  There is great heartbreak in our own backyards; yet, so many of us are shielded from the turmoil.

I have had my share of bad things that have happened, but I have also had an incredible amount of good things and good people in my life.  I am left with the thought/question of, “What if good things happened to bad people?”  I mean, what if the world showed more mercy and kindness to those deemed “bad” by society?  What if you and I (you know…the “good” guys) decided to wake up each day with the notion that we are going to make a positive difference in the life of someone who otherwise might be overlooked or looked down upon?

What if goodness and kindness became a habit?

The best thing ever happened to all of us.  Our Lord and Savior chose us.  His love and mercy are incredibly good things that continue to bless us every day.

photo (23)I believe in the power of a redeeming God who loves everyone – “good” or “bad”.  I also believe in His calling for us to love one another.  Maybe it is time for us to show the goodness of His love to others.  I cannot help but hope and believe that if more good things happened to bad people, our world would be a kinder, softer, and more loving place.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “When Good Things Happen to Bad People

  1. Welcome Company with Danielle

    I think you are absolutely right. We may never see the result of the seed we plant by sharing kindness and the love of Christ with others but we can certainly be blessed by the knowledge that He can and does redeem, deliver and ulitmately use even the most broken. Who are we to doubt that? Who are we to withhold that seed?


  2. mybroom

    I wonder if bad things happen to both good & bad people, it’s just that those in Christ have the capacity to, as Paul says “learn to be content in all things” cheers Graeme


    1. barrentoblessed

      We all experience things that are difficult, but the believer knows there are better things ahead! I just see so many broken people in social work & feel that we all have great responsibility to reach out to them. Thanks for reading. Blessings!


  3. transformedbythejourney

    So, so true! If only we could see but a glimpse behind the veil of eternity and view others as God does. I honestly believe it would change the way we interact with pretty much everyone. Some that seem the “most spiritual” are indeed, whitewashed tombs full of dead mans bones. And, others for whom the beauty and value are more difficult to imagine – are full of redemption waiting to rise within them. I love these epiphanies that offer us a deeper vision into the heart of God. He has provided yet another opportunity to love as he loves. I am always in awe of the way he reveals Himself to us along the way. If we saw the fullness of God’s incomprehensible grace toward humanity we could not contain it. So, as we walk through our daily lives and he pours himself through us and we “see” moments of who he is and who he desires us to be for others. I find it happens more with strangers than with those familiar. Much grace to you in all you do.


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