Waiting on God

photo (32)I prayed today for concrete answers to multiple situations going on in my life of which I’m trying to keep my anxiety level to a minimal.  I asked told the Lord to let today be the day that I got ALL of the answers I needed to hear.  Quite selfish, I know, but I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately with all of the “stuff” going on in life.

The stuff I’m referring to consists of (1) wanting an answer for something I’ve been working on for years, and feeling so close to getting, and, (2) needing to hear with clarity what the Lord intends to do with a situation involving a family member.  In the middle of these things lies my normally busy life consisting of children, work, and a home to tend to.  If the truth were told, I would eliminate the work part and focus on the home and family; thus, leading me back to wanting answers!

Even as I write this, I’m daydreaming a little about it all.  As the day grew into evening, I did not receive that phone call or that email with an answer.  I did not receive a letter or phone call telling me what the next steps will be regarding a family member.  The Lord did not break through the clouds declaring the answers I am yearning to hear.  However, as the day went on, I started to realize that He has waited on me multiple times throughout my life, and will continue to as long as I am breathing Earthly air.

He’s waited on me to open the Word instead of opening my Facebook page. He’s waited on me to have a heart pursuing Him with the same passion that I have pursued others and things of this world.  He’s waited on me to write that check in full faith the He will use it for good; instead of writing a check for something temporary that I desired.

He’s waited on me to relinquish my fear of the unknown, and let Him lead my life. He’s waited on me to understand infertility as a part of my life story, so that He could unfold the script.  He’s waited on me to give the same amount of grace for the indiscretions of others that He’s given me.  He still waits on me to let His peace be the answer I need until He moves the mountain that seems insurmountable, or opens the door to the next step in my life.

Today I found myself thinking, “I’m just waiting on God for answers.”  In essence, though, the Lord answered my prayer today.  He answered it with the vision of those times where I’m sure He stood quietly waiting.  He answered it with the sobering remembrance of those moments in my life where I refused to listen.  He answered it with the knowledge that I know is true – He is the keeper of my past, the shepherd of my present, and the lantern for my future.

He answered it with, “Be still and know that I am God.”

14 thoughts on “Waiting on God

  1. Lillie Magruder

    Oh my friend I realize you under alot of stress. You love children so much and I know you will be shown the way. You follow the path you are on with love and faith. The thoughts and questions that run through your mind are that of a true Christian. How inspiring you are to many of us! I know work is hectic and you are pulled in many directions. However, it is ok to say NO and choose the direction that is in your heart. Take care of yourself. Your blog is a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. journeyman1977

    Love this line…..”He is the keeper of my past, the shepherd of my present, and the lantern for my future.” Just wrote it down. Hey, I know exactly what you mean about what’s said here 🙂 I’ve been very impatient with God too. Three nights ago I watched my freedom slip out of my hands. I felt so betrayed but then a sense of calm and absolute peace engulfed me. Everything has it’s time. That much I’m certain of. That night one door closed for me but I feel another is about to be open. Your blog is now on my morning reading list…exalted status in attaining morning inspiration!! And I got it 🙂 In spades.


  3. Ben Nelson

    Wow – this is so good. I agree with those above who love your ending, but i must confess, you list of how God is waiting on us is stirring. Without getting all up in my face, you have done one of those Keith Green things – he wrote in the voice of the Lord “you can’t even keep the appointment we made”

    This is a wonderful article. Thank you!


  4. Alicia Marie Hartley

    I’m going on a commenting frenzy, apparently. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂
    I love that verse. For me, it’s SO hard to just shut up and stop telling God what I want. One of the best feelings, though, is that still, quiet voice inside me that says He has my back. He is my God.


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