World Changers {for my daughter and yours}

20160804_155418I spent yesterday with my daughter. We had a “Girl’s Day”. We ate, shopped, laughed, and we hit the salon. Sometime this week, my daughter heard that the store called Justice is THE place to shop if you are a girl. I would like to thank whoever told her this. Okay, not really.

She begged me over and over again to take her there. She went from begging to dropping subtle hints like: “When we go to the mall and look through Justice…” You get the point. So, I caved. We headed to the mall and straight to the store. I’m pretty sure my wallet screamed with a hint of agony the minute I crossed that glitter and glam-infused threshold.

As my daughter looked at bras and make-up (you know…because she is SEVEN), I took a peek at some shirts to get her for the start of the school year. The shirts were all about girl power, being strong, being brave, being world changers, etc.

While I was looking at them, the audio in the store was playing interviews with girls saying the very things that their shirts had on them. I listened as a little girl said, “I’m going to change the world.” Others recounted being themselves and unique and strong and not letting anything keep them reaching their goals. (BRILLIANT marketing, by the way).

This is super embarrassing to admit, but I had a bit of a “moment” in that store surrounded by all that is great about being a girl. I even teared up. Seriously. I was the crazy lady shedding a few tears in Justice.

Now, this is not meant to be political. It is not meant to be for one candidate versus the other or any of that nonsense. I’m completely fine with people exercising their right to vote for who they believe best represents their concerns and values. I may be taking a risk to even post this, but I’ve always strived to be authentic in my expression of feelings, and honestly, this is not even about who I think anyone should vote for.

Yesterday, that little feminist piece of my heart swelled up with pride. Being with my strong-willed, opinionated, and creative daughter, reading the messages of hope and confidence splattered across those shirts, and listening to girls declare their sense of self, all reminded me of just how far women have come. It hit me that we have a presidential candidate (USA) who is female. She might end up being our first woman president. She might not. Agree with her or not, this is historic for us women.

Regardless if she wins or loses, I think or at least hope that we can and will remind ourselves of the value that we all have. We are daughters of purpose. Nothing should stand in our way.

For my daughter and for yours, I teared up a bit in that money-grabbing store called Justice, and my tears were not about how much it was going to cost me to shop there. My tears were ones of solidarity, pride, and hope for my daughter and all daughters around the world.

Let’s not forget that. Let’s continue to be strong, to be caregivers, to be boo-boo handlers, to be entrepreneurs, to be CEO’s, to be worship leaders, and…

to be world changers.

One thought on “World Changers {for my daughter and yours}

  1. God is Good

    Australia had its first Prime Minister (our equivalent of a President) a few years ago. While I didn’t vote for her party I was so proud of her … Her as a woman in a male dominated world. I still am and have great admiration for our first woman leader … She’s broken the way open for others to follow their dreams whatever they may be. Blessings. God is Good!

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