It’s Just Hair…

I came home today feeling relaxed after some self-pampering. As I approached the top of the stairs, my husband stopped me, and said, “You are going to be mad.” Confused, I wandered into the living to see my daughter hiding her head in the couch pillows.

As her head peered out from the pillows, I saw what she did. This morning, I took her to get a cute hair cut. This afternoon, she decided to cut a good inch off…right off the forehead. Oh man, I was angry!

The first few times my daughter took the scissors to her head were kind-of cute. Now, at age five, after multiple times of cutting her hair, it is not so cute anymore. (Yes, we put the scissors up. And, yes, she is a sneaky, little climber.) I was so angry with her, but then I remembered a blog post that was written by a fellow mother, believer, blogger, and friend.

As I read her words for the second time, I realized that my dissatisfaction over my daughter’s choice to cut her hair matters less than the fact that my daughter has strength to climb for scissors, energy to hide in the pillows of the couch, and hair to cut.

Please, if you have ever been upset by your child cutting his or her hair, take a moment and read this post by Charity. After all, it’s just hair….

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  1. Evangeline Colbert

    This post is very timely. I have a friend whose daughter did the same thing recently. I’ll be sure to pass this on to her to encourage her. 🙂

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