What Every Healthcare Provider Needs to Know About Adoption

If you are a foster or adoptive parent, you have probably been both amused and frustrated at things some healthcare providers say and ask you during your child’s appointments.  For me, dealing with medical professionals has been quite the learning curve.

Here is an article I recently wrote for Adoption.com about this very subject.  It was a timely article as I had just experienced an uncomfortable (to say the least) appointment with my child!

Please click on the link to read it:  What Every Healthcare Provider Needs to Know

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4 thoughts on “What Every Healthcare Provider Needs to Know About Adoption

  1. SharaC

    Spot on. I was adopted as an infant, to this day at dr appointments I scribble “no family history: adopted” on the forms and I’m still asked the questions, over and over, it’s fascinating. “So you don’t have any history?” Ugh. 😂

    1. barrentoblessed

      It does feel that way but I wonder if they even realize it. They’re just focused on the mission of solving whatever is going on. However, some sensitivity and training would help!!

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