And They’ll Know We are Christians…

And they’ll know we are Christians by our votes, by our…wait.  That’s not it.

And they’ll know we are Christians by our patriotism, by our….  That’s not it.

And they’ll know we are Christians by our political party affiliation, by our…No.  That’s definitely not it.

I think you get the picture.  For some reason, (maybe the current climate of our political culture) the song, “They’ll Know We Are Christians” has been on my mind.  This song is not sung very often in contemporary services, but maybe it should be.

I love politics.  In my early college years, I actually considered studying to become a lobbyist and a speech writer.  I used to walk around neighborhoods for local candidates, knock on doors, and try to convince people why they should vote for the candidate I agreed with. (Yes, I was one of those persons.)

I still love politics, but quite honestly, I’m somewhat disengaged from the whole rigmarole of it now.  I vote.  I sometimes give impassioned pleas regarding who I am going to vote for, but not like I used to, and certainly only to people who will continue to like me afterward.

I read posts on social media that fuel the fire of division.  I glance over words that literally make me cringe.  We have the right in this country to do this, but often, the words are bitter.

Words full of hatred.

Words used to bait someone into a verbal attack.

Words full of condemnation.

I am a proud American.  My father is a Vietnam Veteran, and I believe in democracy and the freedom of speech.  I may not agree with the passions of others, but I understand and embrace that living in a democracy is a tremendous blessing.  In thinking about the United States and this great experiment of democracy we are all involved in, I swell with pride.  I really do.

Still yet, above all of this is this resonating thought:  

As a Christian, I believe in love.  

I believe that Jesus suffered horribly on that rugged Cross for all of us.  

I believe that beyond our modern-day politics lies a future of glory.  

Or, should I say, despite our modern-day politics, lies a future of glory.

I recently learned of a conversation in which someone was told she is not a true Christian if she does not vote in favor of a certain political party.  Wait…what?!?!  Jesus is the holder of our salvation.  He is the only one who has captured our futures; no one else, no political party or candidate.  Let’s not forget that.

Jesus asks us to do this:  Love.  Seriously.  It is that simple.

Friends, how can we show love if we are all caught up in the hatred, paranoia, and distractions of this election?

I urge my fellow Christians to think twice before posting something on social media that might detour others from Christ.  Call it a “God-filter” or a “What Would Jesus Do?” moment, or whatever.  Just think.  That’s all.  If what you are saying does not pull people towards the bounty of love, then maybe it is time for a heart-check.  I’ve had to do this more times that I can count.

I was blessed to attend the Global Leadership Summit a few months ago, and listened with true awe and inspiration to such speakers as Bill Hybels, Alan Mulally, Melinda Gates, Jossy Chacko, Dr. Travis Bradberry, Patrick Lencioni, Chris McChesney, Erin Meyer, John C. Maxwell, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Danielle Strickland, Horst Schulze, and Wilfredo De Jesus.  If you do not know who these people are, Google them.  They are gifted business leaders, pastors, researchers, and professors.  Truly inspiring.

I took so many notes and had plenty of “ah-ha” moments throughout.  However, two things said during the summit have just stuck with me; especially as they pertain to this election season:

“The American Dream is to have it all.  The Kingdom’s Dream it to lose it all.”  Wilifredo De Jesus

“As Christians, are we going to spend our life connecting with people or correcting people?” John C. Maxwell

These quotes have taken a seat in my gut.  Not only are they inspirational, they are motivational and humbling.

And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love.

Yes, they’ll know we are Christians by our love.

 Ah, that’s it.


“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35


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