Just Another Open Letter to Mr. Trump

Author note:  I try not to get political on social media or with this blog, but right now, I just can’t let this not escape my heart.  

Mr. Trump,

I keep hearing you say, “Let’s make America great again!”  No offense, but seriously, if there is anyone who can say that America is not great, it certainly is not you.  After all, you inherited a fortune that most of us hardworking individuals will NEVER earn in our entire lifetimes, you have multiple homes, successful businesses, and every luxury one would want at your disposal.  You even have the audacity to say that you could shoot someone and still find support.  The rest of us could not say that…nor would we.

I also hear you remind people, a lot, that you are rich.  Well, sir, we know that.  We understand that you are wealthy, but are you rich?  How do you count your riches?  If I counted my riches by the standard of yours, then I am certainly impoverished.  However, I do not.  I count my riches by the depth of my relationships with others, the faithfulness of my husband of nearly fifteen years, the love of my children, the faith that I cling to, and the moments of generosity poured out by many.

At my children’s school, there are refugee children from Myanmar (Burma).  My daughter has shared with me many words of their native tongue.  She is learning about their culture, why they needed to come to our county, and has become close friends with one of the girls.  Recently, at the school book fair, she asked me if I could buy her friend a book.  I agreed to do it, and walked with her to give the book to the girl.  Upon seeing it, this little girl with broken English, grabbed my daughter, hugged her tightly, and smiled from ear-to-ear.

This is what I count as wealth.  This is richness.   This is what makes America great.    

I fear that if it were up to you, Mr. Trump, then my children would never have the opportunity to experience the gift of meeting others who seek a safe harbor in our country. I fear that if you become our leader, the mantra of greed, what we should consider as wealth, and the rhetoric of bullying that you seem to love, will become our language.  And, this is leap years away from what I want my children to learn.  You are not who I want my children to look up to.

You keep saying, “Let’s make America great again!”  Well, I believe our country is already great, and it has been for a very long time.  We have problems, of course, like any other country, but we are still a great nation.  Those who have forgotten this should consider truly walking in the shoes of many in far off lands who struggle.

Our greatness is shown when we welcome others who are different than us.  It is witnessed when we step out and worship how, and if, we choose to.  It is evidenced by how we, as a nation, stand together during tragic times.  It is exemplified time and again when we navigate into troubled waters to pour into other people through the spirit of volunteerism and empathy, and it is demonstrated by the hard work ethic that our country has.

When I hear you boast about your richness, I shake my head.  There are many of us who are choosing each day to NOT live in fear, to walk with LOVE, to WELCOME others, to invite PEACE over violence, to LISTEN instead of yell, and to EMBRACE the DIVERSITY of this blessed nation.

Mr. Trump,

This is what I count as wealth.  This is richness.   This is what makes America great.  


A concerned Mom who decided to write just another open letter to you

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