Four Things Every Child in Foster Care Needs This Christmas { article}

I recently wrote an article for regarding things that every foster child needs this Christmas.  Honestly, it was hard to narrow down to just four things as children in the system need so much.

“The fact that foster care is needed and necessary in our communities should not fall lightly on anyone’s heart.”

To read the article, follow this link: 4 Things Every Foster Child Needs This Christmas



2 thoughts on “Four Things Every Child in Foster Care Needs This Christmas { article}

  1. Alicia

    Hi Caroline.. I came to your blog from mine after you read my latest post and liked it.. I saw the title of your blog and was amazed.. my post on God being in the delays was inspired by a friend who has been waiting for a foster child and is doing emergency foster care for a preemie baby..I just saw her and as I left the house I thought about how long she has been waiting and head God say ” I am in the delays” It is no coincidence that you read that post.. I emailed my friend a link to your blog. Blessings.. Alicia

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    1. barrentoblessed

      And that is how the Lord works, isn’t it?! He never ceases to amaze. Please tell your friend that what she is going through now, even if it is slow, tedious, and filled with many delays, will someday seem like a blip on the radar screen of life. God does work wonders, but He does so in His timing. Thank you for reading and for commenting. I hope your friend finds comfort in my posts. God bless!


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