self-care tips for kids

5 Simple Self-Care Tips for Kids

Self-care isn’t just for adults – children need time for self-care, too! In some ways, age-appropriate self-care for kids is actually quite similar to self-care for adults. It’s all about winding down, practicing healthy habits, and finding relaxing hobbies they enjoy. You can find fantastic ideas for kid-friendly self-care activities on Barren to Blessed! In addition, here are a few easy ways to ensure that your kids have opportunities for self-care.

Be a Great Role Model

How can you ensure that your children understand the importance of self-care? By setting a great example! You can teach them through your own actions. If you’re always struggling with stress, your children could become anxious, too. That’s why managing your time well and prioritizing self-care in your own life’s key. For instance, if you’re a business owner, you can prevent fatigue and burnout by outsourcing tasks to contractors and other employees, avoiding distractions during the workday, and taking care of your most important responsibilities early in the day instead of procrastinating.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a fantastic form of self-care for people of all ages, including young children! By making space for arts and crafts in your home, you can give your kids a chance to explore their creativity without rules or grades. To make sure these crafty activities don’t become too stressful or messy for you, Oxo recommends organizing the materials they’ll need beforehand and cleaning up together. Show your kids how much you love their artwork by hanging it on the fridge!

Physical Activity

Do you ever feel concerned that your children don’t get enough exercise? Exercise is a necessary aspect of self-care for kids, and you can make an effort to help them become more active. Care recommends encouraging your children to sign up for an organized sports team, taking them to the playground when you have free time, and playing fun backyard games with them like catch and tag.

Relax and Read

Adults and children alike can turn to reading for self-care! If your children are too young to read on their own, you can stick to a nightly reading routine and read aloud from their favorite books. And if your children are older, you can start encouraging them to read on their own. For instance, you can head to the local library each weekend to pick out a new book. 

What if your child doesn’t know what to read? It can take time for children to figure out what kinds of books they really enjoy. In the meantime, you can ask your librarian for their recommendations or talk to other parents about which books their children have enjoyed recently.

Time Outdoors

Do you feel like your children have been spending lots of time inside lately? While there are plenty of healthy activities that children can enjoy indoors, it’s a good idea to introduce your children to the great outdoors and help them cultivate an ongoing love of nature. You can start in your own backyard by adding fun features like a sandbox and purchasing basic gear for sports like hula hoops and frisbees. When you’re ready to give your kids the chance to adventure beyond the backyard, you could spend the day hiking or even plan a family camping trip! This is a fun way to teach your children skills like using a compass and identifying plants and insects.

Self-care is just as crucial for children as it is for adults. In fact, by emphasizing self-care for kids, your whole household will feel happier and healthier! With these tips, you’ll be able to teach your child about self-care from a young age.

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