Love You Bigger Than Outer Space

(Okay, okay….so I know the picture of my children above is not necessarily related to the post, but I just had to include it!  It is one of my favorites…)

Since the time my son was old enough to carry on a conversation, he and I have engaged in an ongoing “debate” over which one of us loves each other more.  The conversation goes something like this:

Me:  “I love you so much.  Do you know how much mommy loves you?”

My son: “How much?”

Me:  “Bigger than our house.”

My son: “Well I love you bigger than our city”

Me:  “I love you bigger than all the oceans”

My son:  “I love you bigger than the whole Earth”

Me:  “I love you bigger than all the planets”

My son:  “I love you bigger than outer space”

He loves this game with me.  The smile on his face reflects the joy he gets when we are talking about how big our love is for each other.  Children just have such a way of truthfully speaking their hearts to us.  Good or bad – if it is on their minds, they will speak it.

My 3-year-old daughter whispers “You are beautiful” in my ear on a pretty regular basis.  I do not know where she got this from, but it so sweet and touching.  These three simple words from her instantly give me a sense of gravity.  It is not so much about whether she truly believes that I am beautiful.  It is more than that.  She seeks out opportunities to tell me her thoughts and to examine my reaction.  It also reminds me of the greater need to let her know just how unique and beautiful she is.

My parenting journey started around six years ago, and even still I am amazed how the Lord has worked everything out for my life.  Adoption has brought so much goodness and love.  Each day brings on new challenges and discoveries.  Every day I am reminded of my Lord’s provision in my life and His answering of my prayers.

The sweetest words I have ever heard are “I love you mommy”.  These words are engraved and resonate in my heart.  Each time I hear them is if it is the first time.  I despaired over these words for so long that I do not take them for granted now.  I never really thought I would ever hear a child say this to me.  I love hearing them profess their feelings towards me.  I don’t expect it, but it sure makes me feel good!

My children may say the words “love you bigger than outer space” or “you are beautiful”, but, the Lord too says these things to me.  In Him, I am beautiful, and so are my children.  It humbles and blesses me to know that God’s love for my His children is far greater and bigger than outer space.

13 thoughts on “Love You Bigger Than Outer Space

  1. Charity G

    To think that the God of outer space, through your daughter, whispers, “You are beautiful.” He does love your children bigger than outer space and He loves you bigger than the outer space too because you are His. Thank you for reflecting on the beauty of your children.


  2. Dana K Ray

    Love the pic! Collins and I did the ol’ “I love you more” “I love you more” “I love you mostest”, we’d get to “I love you infinity” then “I love infinity plus 1” and on and on until he had to get out of the car at school and we’d be yelling it it to see who could say it last. Those are precious memories! Even at 12, almost 13, he says it. 🙂 So neat that your daughter says that to you! God is so AMAZING!!!


    1. barrentoblessed

      Could be – There’s another book called “Guess How Much I Love You” that is a great one for kids. “Love You Forever” is probably the best one for boys though. I cry every time I read it to my son!


      1. Rod Arters

        Love you forever is a great one! You need to go to the library and read “the legend of lightning larry” – AMAZING book.. how of print BUT many libraries have it. 🙂


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