ReMoved (film that is a must-see)

I was approached by the writers/filmmakers of the incredible short film, ReMoved, to promote their Kickstarter campaign for their follow-up film, ReMoved, part two.  My first thoughts were, “OF COURSE!”

As a professional who has been in child welfare for the past thirteen years, and as a mother through foster care/adoption, I absolutely feel that there is an incredible need to stand up for the cause of foster children.

If you missed it, here is the original film titled “ReMoved”.  I urge you to watch it.  The first time I watched it, I was greatly moved by it.  I thought about the kiddos I have worked with in years gone by.  In some respects, I thought about my own children…

“What if they were left to grow up in the midst of chaos?”

“What would have happened to them if we did not choose to adopt them?”

The writers/filmmakers are making a second film that tells more of the story of the girl to whom your tears may have flowed for in the original video.  It also explores the relationships with case workers, foster parents, and birth parents.

Here is the link to their Kickstarter campaign.  Visit it.  Support it.  Pray for it.  Get involved.

Kickstarter campaign:

Walk Boldly Through It

If we could speak our own future into existence, know every nook and cranny of our lives, and look ahead with the knowledge of what is to come, then where would faith be in our lives?

At times, I often thought, “I sure wish I knew where this is going, what is going to happen, and what is going to come next.”

If we knew how our futures will unfold, where would faith be in our lives? Why would we rely on our Heavenly Father to reveal things to us in His timing?

Where would God be in our lives?

Dear friends, the future may not seem clear to you. You may just see a blank space, a repeat of the same routine day after day, or a hopeless void of what may not happen.

However, God knows your future.

He knows where you will lay your head. He knows where your feet will walk. He knows the colors of the canvass that will paint your life. And, He knows the void that is in need of being filled.

If we knew how our futures will unfold, where would faith be in our lives?

Have faith. Trust God. Walk in the assurance of His grace, and live your life.

You are only given one life on this Earth.

Live it.

Love it.

Walk boldly through it.

2 Corinthians 5-7: Now the one who has fashioned us for this very purpose is God, who has given us the Spirit as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come. Therefore we are always confident and know that as long as we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord. For we live by faith, not by sight.

Happy Eighth Birthday, Baby

Today is my oldest son’s eighth birthday. Tomorrow, we will celebrate with a gaggle of hyper boys, cake, presents, and fun. Today, though, we spent time as a family.

On each of my children’s birthdays, I always escape back to where I was when they took their first breath of Earthly air.8thbday

For two of my kiddos, I had no idea they were even born into the world until those fateful calls from social workers. I did not meet my son until two days after he was born. I met my daughter about seven weeks after her birth. I knew of the birth of my little one, but I was not present for it.

Do you want to know something? While I have had moments when I wished that I was there to hold them the minute they entered this world, I do not regret our experience. It was an arduous path filled with sorrow, and marked with lots of waiting, praying, and clinging on to that space filled with hope, but it is one that I would walk again if I had to.

Being foster and adoptive parents completed us. It made us so incredibly aware of our own faults, our blessings, our trials in life, and just how rich our lives actually are.

I would not trade our experience for anything in the world.

Today is my son’s eighth birthday. Today, I thought of his birth mother. I thought of the moment I first saw him. I thought of years that have come and gone, and I thought of the years ahead.

I love my son. I love him with every single ounce of my existence. I love him despite my own flaws, his quirks, and our faults left somewhere in between.

8th selfie
Happy Eighth Birthday, Baby. You are such a gift to our lives. You have colored our world with more than we could ever ask for. You are an incredible God-given treasure.

We love you forever.

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.  -Psalm 127:3

Life in the Wasteland

“When I look at my kids, I think about my life. I think about the wasteland of broken dreams, shallow impulses, thick tears, and sorrowful ache. This is what my life could have and even perhaps should have been consumed by. However, during my walkabout, I found meaning. I found life in the wasteland.”

This is an excerpt from my story that I have been writing for the past few years.  I’m not sure what the Lord wants to do with it, but I’m so hopeful that it will touch the lives of those walking sterile in a non-sterile world.

For many years, I walked around feeling as though I was absent of anything that gave life. I was sterile. I was empty. I was broken.

I was a wasteland.

In my brokenness, the Lord met me. He lifted my head. He reminded me that my life is not a wasteland. It is not devoid of life, or anything that gives life to others.

In His mercy, I became a parent. Through my experience, I have learned that I am a broken vessel, but I am mended. I am mended through the gift of salvation, freedom, and grace.

For my friends who are walking barren, I want you to know that you are not destitute. It may feel like it. The emptiness may feel as though it will swallow your soul, but dear friend, it will not.

You are filled with the very Love that has seized the hearts of many. You sway to the rhythm of Mercy.

You are sculpted with incredible, grace-driven Sacrifice.

I am not a wasteland. We are not wastelands! We are children of the Lord. We are unique. We are not perfect. We are broken…but….

We are Redeemed!

For my friends who are struggling with infertility, whose every breath is filled with the desire to be a Mamma, I encourage you to cling to the Anchor of Hope.

Photo Credit: Ann Conn
Photo Credit: Ann Conn

Through the Lord, we are filled with life.  We able to bloom despite the seemingly insurmountable odds surrounding us.  We are not wastelands.

Ever have one of those days? {hope in the promise of Christ}

Ever have one of those days or nights where you wonder, even wish, that the Lord would return? Do you ever feel a longing as if your soul is wanting to settle into the Home to which it belongs?

I’ve been feeling that longing lately. I’ve been doing my duties on Earth, but with thoughts of a life Eternal with my Savior. There have been times during the days when I know I’m not ready for His return, and yet, there are moments when I’m practically begging for His return.

I recently went to a Hillsong Worship service.  Normally, maybe I would call it a concert, but it was far from one.  Yes, the band was welcomed by admiring fans, but the shouts of joy, clapping, and praise were all for Jesus.  It was not a concert. It was a worship service.  A multitude of fellow believers were packed into a church with ears, eyes, and hearts settled upon worshiping the Lord. It was beautiful. It was inspiring. It was incredible to be a part of.

I felt the Lord’s presence during that evening. I felt the love of His church, the desire to draw closer to Him, and the gentle reminder of His presence in all of our lives.

The next day, I got up and felt sadness. I wanted to go back to the night before when hands were raised, hearts were open, and God was present. I even thought, “If that is a taste of Heaven, then I can’t wait to be there.”

Several days out, I’m still thinking back to that night of worship. I look at the heavens and wonder, “Where you are You, Lord? When will You come?”

And then, I am reminded that it is all in His timing, not ours. There are far too many who are not ready for His return. Perhaps, my own heart has some mending to do.

So, for today, I will hang on to the joy found in the treasure of a relationship with Christ. I will sing songs. I will speak His love to my children. I will lift others up, and I will pray for my own deficits that do nothing for the Kingdom of God.

Friends, hang on to that joy found in your relationship with Christ. Cherish those moments of worship where you feel His touch in your lives.

Pray for our world, our children, and our enemies. Pray for our friends, our family members, and our neighbors.

Pray for those to whom you would otherwise turn away from.

Pray for opportunities to show the love of Jesus to others. Pray for moments that will draw others closer to Him, and in turn, will draw you closer as well.

Ever have one of those days or nights where you wonder, even wish, that the Lord would return? Do you ever feel a longing as if your soul wants to settle into the Home to which it belongs?

Me too, sweet friend, me too. And for this reason, I cling on to the hope of a future found in the promise of Christ.